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Admired Services Electronic Components has become a recognized and reliable distributor of obsolete electronic components, and parts, within the supply industry. As a HUBZone Certified, Woman Owned and Small Disadvantaged business, Admired Services caters to the needs of customers throughout the military, commercial, industrial, aerospace and automotive fields. Customer service, competitive pricing and especially quality control have all played key roles in the increased market share Admired Services Electronic Components so proudly serves today. With the amount of counterfeit parts continuing to grow in the market place, Admired Services takes several steps to ensure top quality products. Every part is inspected visually and dimensionally to full testing capabilities, when traceability is not available. The goal here is to far exceed the industry standard for quality and minimize risk, even though there is no single solution to the crisis. In addition to the preemptive steps taken, all counterfeit parts found are reported and immediately removed from the supply chain.

Manufacturers: Components from all of the top electronic manufacturers in the world are available for purchase.

Product Lines: passive components, integrated circuits, semiconductors, obsolete components, LEDs, connectors, capacitors, flash memory, diodes, wire, cable, batteries, controllers, discretes, EPROM, fans, military components, microcontrollers, microprocessors, motors, power supplies, relays, resistors, sensors, transistors