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Providing high quality and reliable electronic parts to the customer is our permanent policy. Every part we produce is processed by automation of manufacture and also is double-checked in extreme details by our professionals. Since our quality is outstanding, we have awarded UL, C-UL, TUV, CSA, PSE (JET), VDE international quality approvals. This ensures our customers the satisfaction and enjoyment of our products. In the meantime, the material and parts of our products are 100% all purchased from our trusted suppliers located in Japan and producing at our factory. And we sell our products to the customers directly.

Manufacturers: terminal blocks, electrical connectors

Product Lines: Audio,Video Connectors/Pin Plug Jack Bushing/Grommet Chip Jack/Banana Jack Clip Fuse Holder L.E.D. Indicator Metal Knob Neon Indicator Plastic Knob Screw Terminal Screwless Terminal Solder Lug Terminal/Connector