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Online Technology Exchange, Inc. is one of the world's largest independent stocking distributors of electronic components - including ICs, passive components, and interconnect products. Since its inception, Online Technology Exchange, Inc. has built a reputation for rapid service and business excellence. With locations in the United States, and partners in Asia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, Online Technology Exchange, Inc. is a global force in the component market -- continuously monitoring worldwide inventories, prices, and trends. It uses its solid financial base to buy excess inventory and remarket it through its worldwide contacts and highly experienced sales staff.

Manufacturers: A & P Technologies AAK Corporation Aavid Aavid Thermalloy ABB Group Abbott Electronics, Inc. ABC Taiwan Electronics Corp. AB Electronic Ltd. Abracon Absopulse Electronics Ltd. . ABS VABSCO Components Acapella Acquired by Semtech Corp., 4/98. ACC Microelectronics Corp. See Auctor Corp. Accurate Screw Machine (ASM) Accutek Microcircuit Corp. Acer Labs, Inc. ACE Technology, Inc. Acme Electric Corp. (Electronics Div.) ACO Pacific, Inc. Acopian Power Supplies AC Photonics, Inc. Actel Corp. Adam Tech Adaptec A/D Electronics, Inc. Adiva Technology, Inc. Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc. Advanced Ceramic X Corp. (ACX) Advanced Communication Devices Corp. (ACD) Advanced Components Industries, Inc. Advanced-Connectek, Inc. (ACON) Advanced Hardware Architectures (AHA) Advanced Interconnections Advanced Linear Devices Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Advanced Monolithic Systems, Inc. (AMS) Advanced Power Components Ltd. (APC) Advanced Power Solutions (APS) Advanced Power Technology Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) Advanced Rubber Concepts (ARC) Advanced Technical Materials (ATM) Advancel Logic Corp. Advance Power (UK) Acquired by American Power Conversion Corp. (APC), 4/00. AEM, Inc. Aeroflex, Inc. Aerovox Aerotech Agere Systems Lucent Microelectronics Group. Agilent Technologies Former Semiconductor Products Group of Hewlett-Packard (HP). Includes test and measurements products. Aim Electronics AirBorn, Inc. Aircom Microwave, Inc. Airpax Corp. AITech International AK II Power Supply Co. AKM Semiconductor Alcoswitch A division of Thomas & Betts (T&B). T&B sold it to Tyco Electronics, 7/00. Aleph International Corp. Alesis Semiconductor Alfa Tec Manufacturing Co., Inc. Allayer Technologies Corp. acquired by Broadcom, 10/00. All Best Electronics Co., Ltd. Allegro MicroSystems Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Alliance Fiber Optics Products, Inc. Alliance Plastics Not in Adobe Acrobat. Alliance Semiconductor Allied Components Allied Controls, Inc. Alpha Electronics Alpha Electronics Alpha Industries Alpha Novatech Alpha Products, Inc. Alpha Semiconductor Acquired by Sipex. Alpha Wire Co. Alps Electric, USA Altech Corp. Altera Altima Communications, Inc. Formerly known as Adhoc Technologies, Inc. Acquired by Broadcom, 7/00. Alvesta, Inc. Amatom Amber Capacitor Limited Ambient Technologies AMCO Engineering AME A/S American Bright Opto. Corp. American Capacitor Corp. American Electronic Components American High Voltage (AHV) American KSS AMI American Microsystems, Inc.(AMI) Semiconductor, 01/01. American Technical Ceramics Corp. (ATC) American Zettler Ametherm, Inc. Americor Electronics Ltd. Amidon, Inc. AMI Semiconductor Amitron AMK Drives and Controls, Inc. Amnet Data Communications, Inc. AMP Acquired by Tyco International Ltd., 4/99. Amperite Co., Inc. Amphenol Amphenol Aerospace Amplica Acquired by Microwave dB, 9/97 Amplifonix Amveco Magnetics, Inc. Anadigics Analog Devices Analytic Systems Anaren Microwave, Inc. Anatech Electronics Anchor Chips, Inc. Acquired by Cypress Semiconductor, 5/99. Andersen Laboratories Acquired by Micro Networks, 11/98. Anderson Electronics, Inc. Anderson Mining Products Anderson Power Products ANG Instruments Acquired by WPI Industrial Technology Group, 8/98. Angle Linear Anritsu Corp. Antec Power Supplies Antenna Concepts, Inc. Antona Corp. AOC Technologies, Inc. APA Optics, Inc. APEM Components Apex Microtechnology API Delevan API Electronics, Inc. AP Labs, Inc. APM Hexseal A-Power Electric Co. Applied Micro Circuits Corp.(AMCC) Aptos Semiconductor Corp. APW Co., Inc. APW Ltd. Electronic Solutions, Birtcher & Vero. Arcobel Industrial Electronics Arcoelectric Corp. Arco Electronics Aries Electronics ARK Logic, Inc. Aromat Array Connector Corp. Array Microsystems Arrick Robotics Artesyn Technologies Zytec merger. Asahi Dempa Co., Ltd. Ascent Power Technology Acquired by Celestica, Inc., 10/97. ASIC Northwest, Inc. ASIC Semiconductor International Renamed as Faraday Technology Corp., 9/97. Assmann Electronics Associated Components Technology (ACT) Associated Magnetics Astec Power Supplies Astrodyne Astrolab, Inc. Astron Technology Corp. ATC-Frost Magnetics ATC-Semiconductor Devices Atech Technology Co., Ltd. ATI Technologies, Inc. Atlantic Microwave Corp. Atmel ATP Electronics Auctor Corp. (Formerly ACC Micro) Audio OHM Augat A division of Thomas & Betts (T&B). T&B sold it to Tyco Electronics, 7/00. Ault, Inc. Aupo Electronics Aureal Semiconductor Assets sold to Creative Labs, 9/00. Autec Power Systems Autosplice, Inc. Avance Logic See Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Avanex Corp. Avansys Avel Lindberg Avens Signal Equipment Corp. AverLogic AVX A.W. Industries Acquired by Cable Design Technologies, 8/01. Axonn Corp.

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