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Shenzhen Meilejoy Co.,Limited is a professional electronic components supplier and distributor. We are committed to supply a whole series of IC , Module , RF , Capacitor , Resistor , Diode ,LED and switch to meet the enlarged demands of chip electronic components for global high-tech electronic industry. We have hundreds of famous brands, such as DC/DC power module series made in American VICOR、 ASTEC、LUCENT 、TYCO 、Japanese LAMBDA 、COSEL 、TDK, and which also offers GTR 、IGBT 、IPM 、PIM 、Thyristor 、Fast Recovery Diode, Rectifier made in MITSUBISHI 、SANREX 、SANKEN 、FUJI 、TOSHIBA 、 SIEMENS 、SEMIKRON 、MOTOROLA 、IR 、EUPEC,IXYS , AMD 、INTEL 、NEC 、SHARP 、MOT 、ON 、ST 、NS 、PHILIPS 、AD 、DALLAS 、SAMSUNG 、ATMEL 、FSC 、MAX 、EPSON 、IBM、HP and so on . Our products are used in diverse market segments: PCs, Communication Equipments & Networking, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Industrial and Military applications ect .

Manufacturers: NXP / MICROCHIP / INFINEON / TI / ST / ON / AD

Product Lines: Active components (IC, memory, diodes and transistors) Passive components (capacitors, resistors and sensors) IGBT Modules, RF, Relay, LED, etc